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Sozo Water Park opens for public

The park is the ideal venue for a group outing. It does not matter if you are fifty people or five thousand, we can cater to any need you might have. Luxus Grand Hotel which is a sister concern and is our food and beverage partner for larger bookings. For Lunch boxes we have Sozo Grill which is an in house restaurant at Sozo Water Park. Our event Lawn has the capacity of 10,000 people and we have a parking of 1000 + cars. Groups are given a discount on the running ticket.

The group should be of at least 50 people in size. All groups are given a protocol officer to guide them through the park and manage any food related or otherwise need that the group might have. Call us if you are coming in a group and we will make your trip easier, smoother and cheaper.

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Sozo Water Park is the only amusement park in Pakistan that has a huge separate water park just for ladies. It has its own canteen, lockers and washrooms. It is big enough to entertain 2000 women at the same time. It has two huge slides for the thrill seekers and small ones for children under 5 and those who just want to have a good time.
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Safety Comes First

We take safety very seriously. All our rides are checked and certified for electrical, mechanical and structural safety by engineers from UET before we operate them. This certification is acquired every few months. Sozo also hires an outside consultant to check safety and integrity of all slides and dry rides every year.

All minor incidents are noted and analyzed so is crowd behavior to assure that all avenues of injury that the crowd might inflict on themselves are also closed. All rides and slides are test run in the morning before the park opens for public to make sure that they are safe for use and in proper working condition. Every attraction at Sozo has been designed by a structural and mechanical engineer and are load tested for all scenarios before they are constructed and opened for public.

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